Checking your strike deductions

If you have not already done so, please check your payslip for strike deductions. The total number of days deducted across all payslips since December should match the total number of days declared in ERP but there have been some issues with the same days being taken twice, either double the number of days being taken this month, or days that were already deducted last month being deducted again.

If you think there has been a mistake please contact payroll who will help rectify the issue. Please note that any amount returned reflects the post-tax deduction.

With the introduction of ERP, the abrupt cessation of the existing payslip service, and the switch the new provider, it has been a challenging time for workers in Payroll. They have been doing an excellent job of fixing the issues caused, so please be patient as they work to rectify the problems

The new payslip system can be accessed via (HWU login required).

You can find information about the calculation of deductions and how to claim strike pay on our Cost of Striking and Strike Pay page.