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What does the local Branch Committee do?

The union branch represents our bargaining group, collectively in negotiations with management at the Joint Negotiating Committee and on other bodies such as Health and Safety, EDAG (Equality and Disability Advisory Group) and Court. The committee is here to reflect the interests of the branch members and to speak on their behalf with management. Members of the committee are voted in by members at the AGM and work for the branch in a voluntary capacity. The committee is made up of representatives of the various schools, post docs and professional services and have specialist roles. The committee meets monthly and also communicates on a regular basis via the committee mailing list.

We are present on induction days, hold recruitment weeks, organize committee meetings, AGMs, EGMs, hustings, run Get The Vote Out campaigns and we also organize social events such as, a film night, the BBQ and of course the virtual pub quizzes.

We also keep links with UCU regionally and nationally. Committee members attend national and regional congresses, delegates meetings, UCU Scotland Executive meetings (we currently have three members on the UCUS Executive: George, James and Marion) etc. Glossary of some of the terms used is available here.


President – George Bruce
Vice President (Immediate Past President) James Richards
Vice President – Marion Winters
Secretary – Juergen Munz
Treasurer – Robert Hartnett
Casework Coordinator – James Igoe
Equalities Officer – Kate Sang
Green Rep – Ruth Humphreys; Daniel Pacey
Health and Safety Officer – Sani Akoh
Membership Officer – Sarah Joss

Representatives / Contacts

Postdoctoral Researchers – Adnan Ilyas; Jennifer Remnant
Professional Services –  Dawn Skidmore (acting)
Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society – Liz Dyrynda
Engineering & Physical Sciences – Adnan Ilyas ; Wolf-Gerrit Früh
Social Sciences – Robbie MochrieMarion Winters
Mathematical & Computer Sciences –  Frank Broz; Hans-Wolfgang Loidl

Textiles & Design –Irini Pitsaki


School reps exist as a first point of contact with the union within your school and also to let the committee know about concerns particular to their school. They may also e.g. distribute leaflets, help get the vote out within school or organise meetings.

Casework reps accompany members to meetings with management and provide advice on procedures. Caseworkers are assigned outwith the school or department i.e. there may a casework rep in your school but if you need a rep one will be found from outside your school to avoid conflict of interest.

If you require individual representation (casework) for an employment related matter, you should contact James Igoe our caseworker coordinator or HWUCU Branch Office.


The Branch is its members. We rely on members to let us know what is going on within their school or department that may be of concern. Please do get in touch with the committee if you have anything you think we need to know about.