If you would like to donate to our Hardship Fund, or share with those who can, the details are:

The Bank: Unity Trust Bank
Account name: UCU – Heriot-Watt University LA 023 Hardship Fund
Sort Code: 60-83-01
Account Number: 20391168

You can also donate via PayPal send to Fees apply.

Guidance for wage sharing and donations in support of the MAB 2023

  1. No member should put themselves into debt or hardship in order to donate.
  2. Members who are boycotting, student members, those on casualised contracts and/or employed part-time at G6 or full-time G5 (and below) are not expected to donate.
  3. Members on fractional (part-time) contracts should pro rata any donations in line with their contract. So, “a day’s pay” on a 0.5 contract would be half a day’s pay.
  4. Those wishing to support the MAB financially are encouraged to:
      1. Donate a day’s net pay on 31st May, equivalent to what they would lose if they had been on strike for a day, to the Branch hardship fund.
      2. Pledge at least 3 further day’s pay in June (circa.10% pay) to be donated if required, and then the same each month for the full duration of the boycott. We will set up a form for pledges in June.
  5. Amounts pledged will only be called in if deductions are made and calls are made on the hardship fund, such that they are required. The suggested net daily donation per grade is as follows:
    G6 £56
    G7 £72
    G8 £85
    G9 £96
    G10 £105
  6. This guidance will be updated if threatened deduction amounts are changed.