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Covid-19 Emergency

Recently we have been working very hard at Covid CJNCC in response to the Covid-19 Emergency. This is a weekly joint negotiating committee with the other unions and members of the university executive. As there is a much larger volume of work required for these meetings than normal we have more Branch Officers in attendance. Other committee members also provide input and some attend specific meetings.


Matters related to Covid-19 and the consequent changes in working are discussed at these meetings and include:

·         University finances

·      Equalities and equality impact assessments – making sure no staff are disadvantaged

·         Health and Safety and Risk Assessments, including equipment required for home working, rests and workload pressures

·         Furlough

·         Communications and how the University and line managers are communicating with staff e.g. are staff being told conflicting things

·      Protecting precarious workers

·         Priorities

·         Online supported working and what this means

·         We have also opened the conversation on what a return to work might look like when it happens

·         Marking

·         The branch survey on lockdown carried out of all staff


Further information and advice can be found on UCU’s Covid-19 webpage or Heriot-Watt Coronavirus SharePoint.