Heriot-Watt JISC Digital Experience Surveys

Heriot-Watt University have asked that we share this with our networks to improve staff and student engagement with the JISC Digital Experience Survey.

Why participate?

The survey is an opportunity for staff and students at Heriot-Watt to provide feedback that will help shape our digital future. By participating you will help with:

  • Transforming and enhancing the digital experience for both students and staff
  • Establishing baseline data and monitoring year-on-year improvements
  • Identifying gaps in provision and providing targeted support
  • Benchmarking our progress against national standards
  • Demonstrating enhanced levels of engagement and responsiveness to the student voice
  • Informing future investment decisions

All you need to complete the survey is 15 minutes of time. Click on the relevant link to start. Please note that there isn’t a survey specific to researchers so we would ask you to complete the one of the two more relevant to your role. For most but not all academics this will probably be teaching.

Professional services staff: digital experience insights survey 2023/24 – Heriot-Watt University

Higher education teaching staff: digital experience insights survey 2023/24 – Heriot-Watt University

The survey is designed so that no identifiable characteristics are asked for or gathered. The data is collected at University level only. The data will not be attributed to specific Schools, Institutes or Departments. Questions are optional. It is recommended people answer questions as honestly and openly as possible, however there is no obligation to answer all questions in the survey – you can still submit your response.